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I'm Ella, a London based Graphic Designer who thrives on producing eye-catching designs and marketing materials to enhance brand visuals, perceptions and experiences, aspiring to leave a lasting impression. 

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My core skills are branding, brand identity products, marketing, idea generation and innovative, forward thinking.


My main passions in life are graphic design and travel. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries and engage with various cultures and people. I feel these experiences have broadened my perspective on the world and has made me more open to new ideas both in design and in everyday life. I'm always eager to learn and expand both my knowledge and skills as a designer whilst pushing boundaries within the design world.


Young Creative 

23 Red                                                                               October 2020


Freelance Graphic Designer

The Village Chippy Sussex                                                     April 2020

Waiting Staff

Côte Brasserie                                                              August 2021 -23

Graphic Design Intern

WMH&I                                                                                   August 2021

Freelance Graphic Designer 

The Vault Hair & Spa                                                         May 2022-23

Freelance Graphic Designer

Mini Moto Cycling Club                                                  February 2023

Freelance Graphic Designer                                                      

Dreamy Delights Sussex                                                     March 2023


I'm enthusiastic, motivated, creative, presentable, punctual, trustworthy, reliable and an effective collaborator.



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign and an understanding of Adobe AfterEffects and Cinema4D.

Team Member Of The 2020 NHS Blood & Transplant Campaign

RSA Shortlisted Entry


Email -

Linkedin - Ella Lovewell

Instagram - @ellalovewelldesign

Tel - 07795231028

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