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NHSBT Organ Donation Campaign 2020

Own Your Decision


Ester Gbogboade

Hillary Nyarko

Jonathan Reid

Merle Nunneley

Stafi Samaki


NHS Blood & Transplant

Joined Up Thinking

The 2020 Hot House project was in collaboration with NHS Blood & Transplant and 23Red, as a team of five young creatives, we were tasked to create a dynamic campaign to educate 16-17-year-olds that the law around organ donation had changed. 

With the law changing to an opt-in automatically rather than an opt-out we needed to educate under-18-year-olds that although they could have ticked the box to donate their organs, their parents would have the final decision. 

Working as a collaborative team over five days working both remotely and in the 23Red studio, we created "Own Your Decision" to reinforce the importance of having the final say about your organs. 

During this project, it was extremely insightful and humbling to work with various creatives and people who're waiting for a transplant or who have received an organ. This was a very important campaign to be apart of and one which I'm very proud of.

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