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Margaret Dabbs London

Graphic Designer

Throughout my time at Margaret Dabbs London, I have been focused on delivering high-quality work that increases user engagement and enhances the company’s presence. Using my design and development skills to create innovative visual elements that contribute to a wide range of successful products and marketing to maximise brand awareness.

As the sole Graphic Designer, working within the marketing team I have worked on a wide range of projects including branding and visual identity, design for marketing and advertising, packaging design and editorial and publishing materials for the brand, clinics, retailers, airlines and spa partners internationally.

Over my time at Margaret Dabbs London, I have designed the packaging for eight new products and consistently updated the wide existing range, including packaging for beauty, medical and wellness products, electrical devices and travel retail products sold on 14 international airlines and airports as well as having the opportunity to create and design presentations for prestigious airlines such as British Airways. My range of print designs includes editorial layouts and spreads for product, clinic, and spa brochures as well as display and entry boards for affluent competitions including CEW Beauty Awards and World Spa Awards. My range of print design has featured designing retail stands for luxury high-end shows in London, Cannes and Singapore, showcasing the brand. 

During our most recent photoshoots, I have led strongly in the art direction and tone of the product lifestyle imagery, building strong relationships with the companies involved. Additionally, I have designed signage and vinyl layouts for two new Margaret Dabbs London clinics and created digital and printed treatment menus for clinics in London, England, Scotland, Spain, and UAE. Other elements of my designs being showcased internationally include creating website banners for the UK, EU, and Singapore, as well as marketing materials in German, French, Arabic, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese. I also produce weekly EDMs for subscribers with product sets, promotions and information regarding the services offered within the Margaret Dabbs London Clinics as well as some social media for Margaret Dabbs London and sister brand Bare Feet. 

I have learnt a strong ability to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously, whilst ensuring all deadlines are met and desired outcomes are produced to a high standard, this includes working very closely with the CEO and founder, directors and other departments successfully.

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