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Shortlisted RSA Entry

G, Revolutionary Food For The Futre

G Revolutionary Food For The Future: a food product proposal which dynamically sources organic algae into nutritional, sustainable and ethical soups that can be consumed anywhere at any time by anyone.

This proposal sets on closing the gap on vegetable importations, using our lands natural resources, recycling products and combing a quick, healthy and sustainable product for our food system and for future generations. From using UK produce, my proposal aims to minimise air pollution and road traffic whilst maintaining a positive relationship between producer, supplier and consumer. 


My proposal has began with creating a soup range, initially this was due to processed soups having a severe high salt and sugar content with no real nutritional value inside. This then led me explore algae within soups has a springboard for consumers without deterring them away from the idea. 

My idea is revolutionary within our food system, the process of taking a prehistoric organism to develop into a nutritional and planetary product whilst benefiting the planet and consumer. The process is self-sufficient which is a sustainable and ethical  practice within the industry. 

The product proposal aims to collaboratively work with Pret A Manager, with 273 stores in London, it’s one of the most foot trafficked stop for London’s lunchers. Furthermore, to expand the product this collaboration would feature its own soup dispenser in the central food shelves. With three flavoursome and nutritional soups. The product can be poured and dispensed into your own container or one of the recyclable G containers within the store. 

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