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Final Major Project

Mens SPF

Skincare Range

For my self-initiated project, I explored the theme of exposure.

I experimented with a range of different mediums which worked closely to exposure. My dominant focus was on physical exposure, where I created a range of outcomes from various printing methods. 


From my research into sun exposure, I found that skin cancer was the most common cancer in the UK with 55% of those diagnosed being men, alongside this 59% of melanoma deaths are in men. This led me to realise that mainly women's products have SPF built-in and that 33% of men don't wear any sun protection at all. Therefore, I have designed three different SPF skincare ranges for three different male demographics. 


This SPF range was designed for sailors and sea lovers. Men who enjoy being out on their boats or at sea are more suspectable to sunburn due to the high reflective sun rays off the water.  About 3% – 8% of UV reflects off water, which without adequate sun protection can cause burning and premature skin damage. Another factor of sunburn at sea is salt water attracts UV rays, which attract the skin after swimming in the sea. 


Nautical is an SPF skincare brand targeting men around the age of 40-65 who enjoy sailing and marine life and yacht clubs. Whether their sailing trips are weekends, day trips or long adventures Nautical has the skincare to hydrate, protect and cleanse their skin from UV exposure.


Solis is an urban SPF skincare brand targeted at 18-30-year-old men that have a high disposable income (around £1,500), if student, then those who spend comfortably, are salaried, belong mostly to generation X and Y, university educated, with an average income of around $18,000 per year.


These men are more aware of skincare benefits, who often socialise often in pub gardens, play sports and spend outside time in the sun with their shirts off being exposed to UV. However, with skincare in mind, this SPF skincare range will have a range of products to cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin as well as bodyspray protection, bodywash, face serum and an exfoliator to rehydrate, rejuvenate and protect the skin against harmful UV rays.


Defender is a rough and ready SPF skincare brand, targeted at men aged between 25-60 years old who work predominantly in construction or laboured jobs. They don’t have much knowledge or care too much about their skincare and protection. Therefore, the range has been designed to be as simple as possible to ensure they use the products well and protect their skin.

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