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1 in 5 women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, with women walking alone more than ever due to our cost of living crisis now was the time to design a product for women to feel more empowered and safe alone Amica is a vibrant and modern device designed for women by women to carry on their person to feel more empowered and safe.

Amica uses two forms of safe guarding. Whilst connected to the amica app the gps function within the orange button once clicked will track your movements until you click again either when you’re home or at your destination.  In severe distress, the red ‘amica’ button is a direct emergency distress call, alerting the service caller of your location and name.  Whilst also creating a  loud 130db siren. 

Advertising and brand awareness located in high risk areas for women walking alone and for predators to be made aware. Aswell as this Amica would be placed in bathroom dispensers of safe guarded areas such as; women toilets in bars, restaurants and nightclubs. 

In collaboration with NYX, the lipglosses can be replaced into the alarm itself and reused over time. With NYX being one of the most popular lipglosses on the market, their products can be bought in high street and online shops. Although currently Amica’s dimensions are for NYX Lipglosses, many other brands use this size and shape and still can be placed within. For development,  other brands such as Vaseline could be approached to take the product further.

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