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JDO Thirsty For More Competition Entry


Rebound is a brand new water brand built on sport, spirit and resilience for basketball players, spectators and sport lovers. Those who enjoy being active and working as a team this is the water for you. 

With stickers dominating the basketball industry the pack has been designed for 12 pack of bottles will include 12 rebound stickers for tagging items - including removable and tangible stickers from the bottle itself making the bottles personable. With basketball being an active sport, I envisioned sticker bombing as a part of my branding where users can express their stickers in their environments. 

The bottle has been uniquely structured made in cinema 4d. Features a side grip shape and made from aluminium so the  bottle is reusable  and durable for those long practise sessions.

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 18.29.12.png
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