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Wadworth Brewery Subrand

Dreckley Brewery

Tasked to design a sub-brand for the family owned Wadworth Brewery in Whiltshire to engage a younger target audience. 

With this brief I decided to focus on the history of West Country language and how this could be used to create a dynamic and functional brand for a younger target audience. My brewery name "Dreckley" meant unspecified time which linked to socailising and spending time with friends. I explored different pathways which linked back to the area of Devizes where the brewery was placed. 

One route was about colliding heritage and future, the gateway for a new era for everyone to share, relate and connect. I explored was the historic element of Devizes which focused on the ancient castle built in 1141, which inspired the can designs for route 1. 

Route 2 signified time as an element in which our lives are determined, so what about turning time around? The unknown time but the known place is where coming together and extraordinary conversations appear. Using elements of way finding, closeness and colour as the springboard for design. The meanining behind "Jeopard" as divided game whilst "Dimpsey" translating to The time before dusk. 

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